The neuter procedure (orchiectomy) may be the single most important procedure you provide for your male dog or cat during his lifetime. The benefits to your pet and the canine and feline pet populations are significant.

Each year in the United States, millions of cats and dogs are put to death in humane shelters, while thousands of others are unwanted and homeless.

We applaud you for making the decision to have your male dog or cat neutered!

Admirably, many pet owners spay and neuter their pets to help control overpopulation and reduce this problem. In addition, there are many benefits to you and your pet:

  • Neutered males tend to be less aggressive than intact males.
  • The incidence of testicular and prostate diseases that can occur later in life is eliminated.
  • The neutered male is much less likely to roam; un-neutered males can detect and seek out females in heat that are miles from your home.
  • There is a lower risk of fights with other intact males that are seeking the same female.
  • Neutered males are much less likely to exhibit urine marking behaviors. This “spraying” behavior can become very objectionable in tomcats (un-neutered males).
  • There’s no longer a risk of unwanted litters, adding to the pet population.

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