Kitten Preventative Exams & Vaccines

Our kitten preventative health program, extending from 6 weeks of age to approximately 6 months, focuses on health, wellness, and behavior. Included in this service is a series of examinations and vaccinations, discussions about what to expect with your new kitten, and life long health practices.

Kittens are growing so fast that many physical and behavioral changes can occur in just a few weeks. Remember that it takes us 20 years to reach adulthood, and cats become adults in just one year! That’s a very important reason for an exam each time your kitten has another vaccine. Within the first 4 months, your kitten will be vaccinated against:

  • FVR (feline viral rhinotracheitis)
  • calici
  • panleukopenia (distemper)
  • rabies
  • leukemia if he/she will be going outside

In addition, your kitten will be tested for intestinal parasites and treated for the most common worm in kittens – roundworms. In addition to being very debilitating to your kitten, roundworms are communicable to humans, especially children, so de-worming your kitten is high priority!

At about 6 months of age, your kitten should be spayed or neutered. This has many health benefits, can prevent disease later in life, can save you money over the years, and prevents unplanned litters from adding to an already excessive cat population. The spay/neuter section will give you more detail on the why and how of spaying/neutering your growing kitten.

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