Feb 21 2014

5 Tips to Keep Kitty Safe This Winter

For many, it seems this winter is never going to end. While many cats are pleased to stay indoors, let’s not forget about our more adventurous feline friends who either stay outdoors or try to sneak out as soon as the door is opened. Keep Kitty safe this winter with these five tips:

1. Bring Kitty inside
If you’re left shivering and shaking from a quick stroll outside, it’s likely too cold for Kitty, too.

Although she may be used to spending her days in the great outdoors, and as much as she may seem like she wants to stay outside, her health and safety are more important.

2.Make warm and cozy places indoors
Whether you’re using an energy-saving thermostat that lowers the temperature at night, or your windows just aren’t as insulated as you’d like, it can still get pretty chilly when you’re inside your home during the winter.

Make sure Kitty has plenty of warm and cozy places to curl up inside your home – this is a great bribe for those kitties that may be reluctant to come inside. A cat bed or blanket will do the trick…although we all know she’ll probably end up sleeping in your bed, anyway.

3. Bang on the hood of your car before driving
Outdoor cats often seek shelter from the cold under cars. Before you get in your car, don’t forget to knock on the hood to scare away hiding kitties, and do a quick peek below to make sure they’ve left.

4. Be mindful of chemicals
Antifreeze, which is often tempting to cats and dogs because of its sweet smell, is highly poisonous. If you use antifreeze, just make sure you thoroughly clean up any spills on the ground and on the jug, and put the cap back on tightly after use. As an alternative to traditional antifreeze made with ethylene glycol, you could opt for antifreeze made with propylene glycol – it’s safer (although still dangerous) if ingested.

You should also try to limit how much rock salt you use, which can make Kitty sick if she eats it.

5. Build an outdoor shelter
Outdoor cats may struggle to keep warm and find food in the winter. An outdoor cat shelter can help keep your outdoor cat (and neighborhood strays) protected and warm. The Humane Society of the United States has some great tips to help you build a good shelter for Kitty.

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