Internet Pharmacies – Good choice or bad?

There is much controversy regarding Internet pharmacies and whether they are a good choice for pet owners. Here’s why we are hesitant to endorse their use:

  1. Manufacturers sell only to veterinarians, therefore we know the product IS genuine. Internet pharmacies buy from many sources, including overseas. Storage temperatures, expiration dates, and the true manufacturer (though the package may look the same) are often unknown.
  2. Products purchased from a veterinarian are guaranteed. If your pet has an adverse reaction, the manufacturer will take responsibility for the cost of care – not true if purchased online or at a pet store.
  3. We offer product education and oversee your pet’s health. Our staff can address your questions and advise on produce use. Our doctors are required by the AVMA to have examined your pet within 12 months, to minimize the risk inherent with any medication.
  4. Lawsuits against Internet pharmacies have been filed for multiple reasons, including selling counterfeit product.

To encourage you to buy from us, thereby ensuring your pet’s safety, we have lowered our prices on flea and heartworm preventatives, as well as some foods and medications. However, sometimes we just cannot compete with the buying power the big Internet companies and national chain pet stores. We understand that everyone must stay within a budget, so if you find a significant price difference and still desire to buy a prescription medication online, a doctor will write the prescription, provided your pet has been examined within the last year.

When making your decision, please remember that we offer a well trained staff, the manufacturer’s guarantee, and a concern for your pet that you will not find online.

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